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Building Your Google Plus Circles Quickly

November 4, 2014

Google Plus is the first social media platform offered by Google which actually seems to make sense. Of course, Google had to be “different” than other social sites, so it uses the circle concept instead of the traditional “followers” approach used by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and most other sites. The big question, of course, is how to get people to add you to their circles. Here are a few strategies.

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Hypocrisy In Action: You Better Not Buy Followers!

October 13, 2014

The business side of the web is so rife with hypocrisy that many everyday happenings would make a corrupt politician – in other words, every politician – blush. In no area is the hypocrisy clearer than when it comes to the issue of buying followers for your social media accounts.

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The Quick Guide For Launching An Instagram Campaign

October 6, 2014

Instagram is a high-speed train charging down the social media tracks. You need to get on board for the wild ride right now, because studies suggest most of your competitors have yet to buy their tickets. Here’s a quick guide to how to get started.

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Quit Bitching About Social Media And Get Smart

September 17, 2014

The “news” is out. Social media marketing doesn’t really work.

Facebook is a waste of money!

Nobody is on Google Plus!

Twitter is for the narcissistic!

Nobody important is on Pinterest!

What’s with these endless damn LinkedIn invitations?!

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The REAL Best Time To Post On Facebook

August 19, 2014

The web is packed with so much helpful advice it is amazing anyone can actually get anything done. In fact, one of the “amazing” things you soon realize is most of the advice out there not only sucks, but is contradictory. This is particularly true when looking at suggestions on the best time to post to Facebook to engage with people following you.

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Twitter: Ass-Backwards Social Media

July 21, 2014

It’s amazing how wrong social media marketing experts are when it comes to being successful on Twitter. To be blunt, everything you’ve heard about is 180-degrees wrong when it comes to the big “T.” That’s because the way Tweeps actually behave is ass-backwards.

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Is Pinterest Now The World’s Most Important Site For E-Commerce?

July 12, 2014

Businesses don’t mention Pinterest as often as they should when discussing social media strategies. This is strange, since historically the platform has been nearly perfect for selling products. Actually, we can now rewrite the last sentence, to eliminate the words “historically” and “nearly perfect” and just say “the platform is perfect for selling products.” Pinterest […]

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Take Advantage of Social Media: Be Human

July 7, 2014

Social media sites are fascinating. Regular interchanges on these sites have become a crucial part of everyday life for the majority of people – who ten years ago could only interact with friends and family by phone or email. It’s even more incredible to think about the roles that Twitter and Facebook played during the […]

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