Building Your Google Plus Circles Quickly

November 4, 2014

Growing Your Google Plus Circles Quickly

Google Plus is the first social media platform offered by Google which actually seems to make sense. Of course, Google had to be “different” than other social sites, so it uses the circle concept instead of the traditional “followers” approach used by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and most other sites. The big question, of course, is how to get people to add you to their circles. Here are a few strategies.

Circles: Quality First

Google Plus uses “circles” as a means for organizing the people you follow. For example, assume you have a one-stop shop offering web design, social media and search engine optimization services. You can create a different circle for each of those topics. When you find someone in the web design niche who you want to follow, you can place them in your web design circle.

The circles you create can also keep your marketing efforts on Google Plus nicely organized. If you have circles for the three subjects mentioned above, you could schedule ten minutes on Monday to go into communities for each subject, identify influencers and follow them. On Tuesday, you could revisit your circles and contact each of the influencers in the web design circle and strike up conversations with them. You could then hit the SEO group on Wednesday and the social media circle on Thursday.

As you repeat this process, you will build a collection of highly influential people in your circles. This probably won’t increase your circle counts dramatically, but the issue here is quality over quantity. If you get highly-influential people to add you to their circles, they will end up sharing your content with thousands of others.


Circles: Quantity Next

One of the things people look at when deciding whether to add you to their circles on Google Plus is the number of other people who have already done so. After all, it’s a superficial world out there.

There is a technique for quickly building the number of people who have you in their circles, but remember that here we are looking for quantity and not necessarily quality.

The first trick is to identify a competitor in your business niche who is already on Google Plus, and is in a large number of circles. Do this by searching for the company’s name. When you find them, take the following steps:

1. Click their name so you end up on the page showing their brief profile, right above their latest posts.

2. Go to the right-hand column and find the “have him/her in circles” section at the bottom of the first box.

3. Click the link listing the number of people.

You are now looking at all the people who have added your competitor to their circles. Stretch your fingers and get ready to do some serious mouse clicking. You want to go down the list and click the “Add” button for each person.

Depending on your niche, 15 to 25 percent of these people will follow you back. Make sure to improve your rate by posting a solid photo and interesting description in your profile. You can follow roughly 200 people a day until you reach 5,000. This should translate to between 750 and 1,250 people putting you into their circles within a month.

This will give you a solid start on Google Plus.

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