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Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! Each plan starts with the first 10 days completely free and you can cancel at anytime before then through our website, and you will not be charged at all. On the 10th day, your plan will switch over to the paid option if you do not cancel.


How will Sogro learn my target market?

When you sign up, you will be asked a few questions about your brand and your account. Our team then uses this information to target specific users and images to follow and like from your account.


Do you require a credit card to start the free trial?


We do require a credit card on file to prevent multiple free trials for one person. Nothing will be billed for 10 days and you can cancel at any time.



What happens if I want to cancel?

With Sogro, you can pay as you grow and cancel at anytime. Simply log in to your Sogro dashboard and cancel or change your subscription at anytime.


How many followers and likes will my account receive when I sign up with Sogro?

We cannot give you a specific number of followers you will gain because each account is different in terms of niche, popularity, quality of content, etc. We can however guarantee that you will grow faster than ever before. Our users grow between 200 – 1000 followers per month. On average, gaining around 300 – 500 new, quality followers each month.

The number you receive depends directly on the quality of content you post. We have seen accounts that began with fewer than 100 followers receive upwards of 800-1000 real followers every month while using Sogro. We attribute this growth to the high quality content they post.

Need help with this? When you sign up with Sogro you’ll receive our detailed manual and weekly emails outlining proven methods for posting the right content to optimize your growth.


Do you have testimonials?

Yes! You can check out our testimonials on our homepage.

Scroll down the page to see the customer reviews. You can view more reviews by clicking the arrow and you can also click on the Instagram and/or Twitter logo below the reviews in order to see the user’s account.



Will it look bad for my brand to be following so many accounts?

Our research tells us that following a variety of users is perceived as a positive trait for a growing brand reaching out to a broad audience. Therefore, we take a proactive approach to building your following instead of waiting around and hoping for followers or paying excessive amounts for advertisements.

Furthermore, we make sure to unfollow more users than we follow every single day, so over time your ratio will continually improve. However, if you ever feel the need to pause your growth in order to improve your ratio of followers, we will efficiently unfollow users for you free of charge (for users signed up with us for at least 6+ month). Just ask!


Why can’t I do this myself?

You absolutely can! However, Sogro saves you the time and effort it takes to make sure you’re growing at the highest possible rate all the time, without getting flagged for mass-following. This allows you to focus your energy on creating the kind of content your followers love.


How do you find correct accounts to target?

Since we are targeting hundreds of users and images per day, we cannot individually inspect each account that gets followed or liked from your account. Therefore, we use our software to target users and images based on hashtags, as well as users who follow your competitors. We use a combination of some of the hashtags that you provided us, as well as some of our own tested hashtags that are relevant to your brand.


Is this safe for my account?

Yes. As long as you are not mass-following or mass-liking on your own, it is 100% safe. We make sure that we are always up to date on the rules of Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, to ensure that your accounts are never jeopardized for any sort of mass-following or spamming infractions. We guarantee that your growth is truly organic.


Do you unfollow users who I have followed before signing up?

No. We never unfollow any users that were followed before starting our service 🙂


What’s the difference between Sogro and a “follow” app?

We are not a software, but rather a service. We take the growth completely out of your hands and we handle everything behind the scenes. We are experts at targeting and growing accounts safely and effectively, allowing you to just focus on posting content and running your brand.


What exactly is the process?

We sign in to your account through our secure server and manage the outbound engagement from your account. This means, we follow, unfollow, and like specifically targeted users and images in your target market from your account, while you are in charge of posting content. We never comment on your behalf.

We also unfollow all users who do not follow you back after 2 days.

By doing this process at a highly effective, yet organic rate every single day, we will drastically grow your following with real users who are interested in your content.


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