Quit Bitching About Social Media And Get Smart

September 17, 2014

The “news” is out. Social media marketing doesn’t really work.

Facebook is a waste of money!

Nobody is on Google Plus!

Twitter is for the narcissistic!

Nobody important is on Pinterest!

What’s with these endless damn LinkedIn invitations?!

Is social media a waste of time; a visit to a giant virtual high school where cliques form and people are nasty behind your back? Well, maybe on Reddit – but not everywhere.

The truth is: social media works, but only if you go about it using it the right way. Most people don’t. They use the “post to your account four times a day” strategy, which is the caveman equivalent of banging two rocks together and expecting to attract dinner. Unless you enjoy pissing away your time and marketing budget, you need to get with a program that produces results.

Here’s one you can start with.

Facebook Advertising

“Ackkk! All my followers are from other countries and my cost to get likes is way too high. Facebook sucks!” We’ve all seen the videos claiming Facebook is as useless as a Kardashian at a Mensa convention. Well, Facebook advertising does suck – if you don’t know what you are doing.

Here’s what most people do when advertising on Facebook. They put up an ad, set their daily budget to some random amount, and then sit back to watch the likes roll in. They have thousand of likes at the end of the month, but no business. So they conclude that it’s Facebook that is worthless. What’s really worthless is their methodology.

The key to advertising on Facebook is the same as with any other marketing platform. Define your audience and test, test, test. Is your Facebook budget $3,000 a month? Then set an initial budget of at least 10%, or $300, for testing. Why? You need to spend your first month developing and trying various campaigns to see which ads work best. Otherwise, you might as well just take the extra $2,700 to your local casino and put it on red, for all the good it is going to do you.

Are you going to get a million quality followers? Not bloody likely. You will, however, figure out the ads that work and lower your cost per like. Then you can bump up your budget and develop a list of targeted followers you can market to for the next bajillion years.

Google Plus Is Not Useless

Google has traditionally sucked at social media. With G+, they may finally have removed their head from their nether regions. It’s a pity there aren’t a lot of people using it, right? Oh, the numbers are impressive: 300 million users. Most, of course, are marketers trying to appease Google, but rumors (mostly spread by the big G) have it that normal folk are on their way – what with Google forcing you to join G+ in order to comment on YouTube, and the launch of its brilliant new blackmail service…

But I digress.

Google Plus isn’t for everyone, but it is extremely effective if you can find a receptive audience that does use the site. The trick is knowing where to find them. Where is this Nirvana? The “communities” section.

Google communities are unique, because they’re largely troll-free. You know, trolls; those brave people who are willing to rip anyone and anything as long as their identity remains hidden.

As God is my witness, this means you can actually network with other people and develop productive business leads on Google Plus. Yeah, I was shocked to discover this as well. I’ll wait while you visualize what you could do on a social media platform with real people who interact constructively…

Look At ME!

Do you consider yourself a self-centered ass who does nothing but talk about himself? No? Then why do you act like one on social media? Have you ever posted a message reading “I just wrote this great…” or “I’m offering…” or anything with the words “I,” “me,” or “my” in it? Sorry to say it, but you are being an ass – and not the good kind, like Donkey in Shrek.

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to social media is to talk at people instead of with them. Seriously, go read any feed on any social media platforms. Almost every other post is “read my crap,” “I know the secret,” and so on. Even if you have figured out the magic secret to eliminating that pesky armpit fungus, how the hell is anyone supposed to know you are more credible then the other 9,000 people posting the same claim?

Stop yacking at people. Go into communities and find people working in and talking about your niche. Help them out. Help a bunch of people. Then the next time you write an article and post it, someone might actually read it and react. It works.

SOGROblog 2

Give a man an electric outlet and he’ll be sure to shock himself within a few minutes.

Give him an electric outlet and a cord connected to a computer…and, well, he’ll probably still shock himself.

But give him an electric outlet, a computer, a power cord, detailed instructions on how to run the computer, a 5-Hour Energy drink, a plan and he may do something useful.

You’ve got the computer and I’ve given you a social media program to start with (energy drinks not included). So stop staring at that outlet, and get to work. Even better, utilize the Social Media growth service from SOGRO, and start taking advantage of what social media does best: making important connections.

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