The REAL Best Time To Post On Facebook

August 19, 2014

The web is packed with so much helpful advice it is amazing anyone can actually get anything done. In fact, one of the “amazing” things you soon realize is most of the advice out there not only sucks, but is contradictory. This is particularly true when looking at suggestions on the best time to post to Facebook to engage with people following you.

There is no Santa Claus, and there is no guru out there who can tell you the perfect time to tap your audience on Facebook. If you see anyone suggesting a best time to post on Facebook, you should view that individual as having zero credibility.

Let’s be absolutely clear. The gurus are all wrong. Ignore them.

The Truth

But don’t ignore me! Why? Because I’m actually going to tell you that I don’t know the best time to post.

But I’m also going to tell you that I do know where you can find the information.

Here’s a general rule you should follow on the web. Always, and I mean ALWAYS, choose data over someone’s advice. Data represent hard evidence. Opinions represent guesses. If you can’t tell the difference, you’ve got no shot (other than dumb luck) at succeeding.

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Facebook Data

 Where do you find the key data on Facebook, and how do you use it?


1. Go to your business page.

2. Click the “See Insights” button at the top of the page.

3. Click “Posts” on the resulting menu bar running across the page.


The resulting page contains the data we are after. What does it show? Two key bits of information.

The first thing to look for is on which days of the week you get the most visitors. In some cases, your followers may be online primarily during the weekend. Or perhaps they are primarily on Facebook during the week. If there is a large disparity between the two, you can target your posting and advertising accordingly. Put another way, there is no need to post or advertise on a Sunday if your most of your audience isn’t on Facebook over the weekend. Facebook will still charge you, so don’t waste the money.

The second bit of information is even more important. Take a close look at the graph that you see. It tells you at what times of the day how many of your followers are online. That’s crucial because the behavior of your followers will typically match that of your target audience (or potential new followers). If the graph shows most of your followers are active on Facebook between 12 and 4 each afternoon, then is it hard to figure out when you should be posting your best content and spending your advertising dollars? Didn’t think so.

No Data

What if your Facebook page is brand new and you don’t have any data? Then – you are screwed.

Just kidding.

Unfortunately, you are going to need to take an inefficient approach until you build up enough followers to undertake the simple analysis mentioned above. You need to advertise, in order to build 500 to 1,000 likes, and then you can check the data. Click here to learn a trick about how to build up likes quickly. [Link to next article – “Stealing Your Competitor’s Fans”.]

Facebook is forcing most marketers to pay to reach decent-sized target audiences these days, and a lot of people are pissed about it. But the good old days of free exposure on Facebook are gone, so you might as well stop bitching and start mastering the system. Once you do, you’ll realize that Facebook offers some amazing advertising data that lets you know exactly when your target audience will be online and receptive to your marketing. Things could be a lot worse – you could be spending your dollars on a craptastic platform like AdWords.

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