Twitter: Ass-Backwards Social Media

July 21, 2014

It’s amazing how wrong social media marketing experts are when it comes to being successful on Twitter. To be blunt, everything you’ve heard about is 180-degrees wrong when it comes to the big “T.” That’s because the way Tweeps actually behave is ass-backwards.

All Hail Video?

There is so much content online that many people just get sick of reading. In response, the common theme espoused by marketing gurus is you need to up your game and start posting videos on Twitter.

Most people, if they were being honest, would admit they don’t like making videos to promote themselves or their businesses, and that they don’t like to waste their time watching crappy videos made by others. First of all, the majority of us ain’t exactly giving Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie a run for their money when it comes to looks. Second, video equipment costs money, and learning to make something that doesn’t look like you are on a porn set has a pretty big learning curve.

Well, there’s very good news about video and Twitter. Videos are the worst performing types of posts on Twitter. According to a QuickSprout study, images get favorited 128 percent more often than videos.

And you don’t have to be Brad or Angelina to come up with a good looking picture to post.

Stunning Images

Does that mean you should be posting images on your Twitter account? Well, not just any old image (or any new image, if it’s boring or lame). The pictures which get favorited and retweeted are those with an element of humor. You’re not getting anywhere showing a pasty-faced guy (or girl) sitting at a desk pretending to work.

But here’s an even more interesting twist.

Images are not the most popular type of tweet. The most popular, by far, are tweets that are just a short bit of text with an included link. That’s right, what people like best are old-fashioned two-line statements with a link to a site where the topic is discussed more thoroughly.

This makes Twitter the most primitive, backwards social media platform online. Can you imagine just posting text and a link on Facebook or Google Plus? You’d be watching virtual tumbleweeds roll by, with all the engagement you would (or more accurately, wouldn’t) receive. This approach would be a disaster on any social site – with the exception of Twitter.


A warning: it’s important to understand that just blindly posting items to Twitter isn’t going to get you very far. Twitter is really all about engagement.

If you are serious about generating business on Twitter, you need to minimize the frequency of your posts while maximizing the amount of time you spend engaging with others. Take the time to search for topics in your niche and see who is posting. Look for questions you can answer and relationships you can form. You will be shocked at how much business you can pick up.

SOGROblog - Twitter

El Posto

So don’t go all the way back to the dark ages when dealing with the ancient approach that works on Twitter. People don’t want to read about the day-to-day crap going on in your life, or your random thoughts on life and/or business – and they’re certainly not going to retweet them. Try to engage with people as much as possible. When you do tweet, try to send text that includes a link to more information readily available on your site. Post images, but only if they’re funny. If you are really feeling adventurous go ahead and tweet a video every so often, but don’t expect it to generate much interest.

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